Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How to get Release 12 Virtual Machine running on a Macbook - the fastest Apps you've ever seen

Oracle have made available almost ready to run Virtual Machines for Oracle Applications 'Vision' databases; (Vision is the demo instance with data and set-up already done).  Ideal for developing against and learning.  Some background and details here:

The following is my steps to get running on a Mac host.  I was amazed at the speed, especially at database level.  Fastest Apps I've ever seen!

Updated with notes for Mac VMware.  Also tested against Virtual Box on Windows host.  Added login defaults and apps URL.

Download the zip files from the Oracle website
For 12.2.4 use
Download the 16 zip files under the name:
Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.4 Single Node Vision Install X86 (64 bit)
I use firefox and the add-on DownloadThemAll - it allows restarts on downloads.
Once you have all the zip files, move them to your mac and unzip them, then concatenate them together.
You now have a big OVA file ready to run inside Virtual Box (or VMWare)

Oracle Virtual Box
Download and install Virtual Box (For Mac for me).
You could also use VMWare - it works too.

Get Running
Open the ova file and let it import. Will take 1 to 2 hours.

I had a few goes at this to get the networking correct.  I wanted to be able to access the DB from a windows VM (running in parellels), run Oracle Applications on the Mac (native).  To do this I got some advice from this Article

First define networks in Virtual Box Preferences; then add the following adapters to your R12 VM.  This bit took a few attempts to get right...
  1. Adapter 1 NAT
  2. Adapter 2 Host
  3. Adapter 3 Internal
If you're on VMWare add 'Shared with Mac'  (NAT) 'Bridge' (Host) and 'Private' networks.
If you're on Windows, use Host, Nat, Internal as adapter 1,2,3.  Strange - but it works.

Now start up your R12 VM.

You will be promted with the username prompt.  Take a snapshot at this point in case you need to change any settings later.

Follow the prompts, setting passwords for accounts and watch it build the database and config.  Take a snapshot now so you can go back to it if needed.

Up and Running
Your R12 VM should pick up
Add this on the mac to /etc/hosts (sudo vi /etc/hosts) ebs
On your Windows VM add the same line to
c:\windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts (You may need to alter the permissions on this file to edit it)
Add a tnsnames entry:

Apps Login

Logins are defaulted as follows:

- SYSADMIN/sysadmin
- MFG/welcome
- OPERATIONS/welcome
- SERVICES/welcome
- MRC/welcome
- HRMS/welcome

Enjoy the fastest Apps install you've ever seen!

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