Monday, February 16, 2015

Developing with your local Oracle Release 12 VM

Quick Access details for the Release 12 VM we got running in an earlier post.

Use Putty to telnet to
login as applmgr (password as you set on first boot)
Source the environment file /u01/install/VISION/EBSapps.env (. ./u01/install/VISION/EBSapps.env)
All the Application Top's will now be set-up and you can access the database
sqlplus apps/apps

You will need to install
Oracle Instant Client
Oracle Forms
Oracle Reports
Oracle Workflow
Oracle BI Publisher Desktop
Oracle jDeveloper

I run these on a windows 7 VM; the main thing is to run in compatibility mode (with XP) and as administrator when installing.  If you want a Release 11 toolset too, install those first (Forms 6,  Reports 6).

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