Sunday, July 22, 2012

British Gas Remote Control Heating

I hadn't heard of this but its been trialled for a while by British Gas; last week it was soft launched within their service division and this weekend they have started the advertising.  Basically we get to control the temperature of the central heating over the Internet, from a browser or iPhone app.  And it works. 

It looks like the start of something that could be much bigger in terms of home automation too.  Will be interesting to watch it develop.

Ours was installed in about 90 minutes, very efficiently by a British Gas home service engineer.  He took time to explain how it all worked and tested things and connections.   Over the next few weeks the system will gather times and temperatures and we will learn what works best.  In advanced mode we can set temperatures for different times on different days - and hopefully - save some energy bills too.  You can do all the setup online at and then do monitoring and controls online or with the app.

So - Week 1 tips -  The dashboard will show the outside temperature - but only if in Your Account details section you have the postcode - and there is no space in it, e.g. RG122BX not RG12 2BX.  Also, use Internet Explorer for full functionality.  Firefox 12+ seems to have some bugs here and there, IE seems to have the most compatibility.

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Arkish said...

Is this compatible with Alertme devices so you can add a remote socket for example.