Friday, April 16, 2010

Upgrading Sky+ Hard Drive to 1TB

Trying to upgrade the Sky+ HD box hard drive from 300Gb to 1TB.  Should be straight forward.  Plug in two SATA hard drives, use copy+ to partition and transfer recordings etc.

Unfortunately copy+ gave endless read errors - in fact a log file of 15mb of errors!  The author of the program is very helpful and gave me some pointers, but it appeared that the Sky drive was quite corrupted.

I was using two cheap USB to SATA plug ins to drive the two disks, then remembered my trusty old desktop in the garage (pictured!) - 14 years old, but I had installed a internal SATA interface.  Booted up first time and connected up drives.  Repeated the clone, and works perfectly!

One hour to go to see if it worked!

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