Friday, April 23, 2010

iPad UK Review

Managed to get an iPad here in the UK.  Typically Apple, works straight out the box.  Charger unit is US plug but iPad charges from USB connection anyway, so you can use ipod/iphone chargers no problem. 

The main limitation is the App Store on the iPad doesnt connect as Apple only have it enabled for the US.  I guess you could try get a US iTunes account in the meantime...  However you can find iPad apps on iTunes and they will sync up no problem to your device. 

IM+ is the best app I've tried, uses full screen and makes good use of the real estate.

Even better are some iPad optimised websites.  Try Google Mail.  Three pane email view is superb.  And ultra fast. 

On the downside, BBC iPlayer recognises the device as a full browser so trys to serve up Flash version which doesn't work.  Not found a way of tricking it into iPhone type mode yet.

Its not a iPhone replacement, its not a Macbook replacement - its a whole new device.  Kind of Coffee Table browser.

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