Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Apple iPhone Orange or o2 - real life experience

After a lot of waiting Orange finally released the iPhone this month.

I've put up with pretty poor reception at home for the past 2 years with my iPhone on o2 but put up with it because the phone is simply brilliant. Places I go worked well on o2, all outside London I have to say, but pretty ood 3G or EDGE whereevere I was spending time at weekends and at work. Packaged with free The Cloud and BT Openzone I was happy with it all apart from the home coverage.

Orange led its advertising on its far superior 3G network coverage. I also knew that Orange coverage at home is full bars. Orange press releases made us all think data would be like comparing broadband to an old 56k modem!

So one week after launch day I have to report its all hype. Orange has significantly poorer reception for calls and data. The data seems to be garden walled too and slower. Some applications dont even update (Sky News shows weeks old news on my Orange iPhone!).

Incidentally, this experience is mirrored by a friend of mine in different coverage areas too.

So I'm running back to o2. All is forgiven. The future isn't bright for the iPhone on Orange.  Its now on Amazon to be sold...

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