Friday, January 02, 2004

The Kodak Factor

Some years ago me and a friend saw a gap in the market for Photo CDs from old printed photographs, slides or negatives. We created Picture It! Quite a nice site was created for back then, credit card payments, a PO Box number and we ran adverts in Amatuer Photographer.

We never got any orders! We had a few e-mail questions, which our made up customer service advisor Suzi answered (we figured a femail customer service adviser would always be able to diffuse any problems easiest and wow the potential customers?).

Still, we didn't loose a lot. We didnt acutally buy the kit to do the service. We'd be running off to Boots The Chemist and doing the first few at a loss before investing heavily in the kit. Remember back then CD writers cost hundreds of pounds.

6 Months later, Kodak dropped their prices to around the £5 price point and Picture It! was over. We fondly refer to this as the "Kodak Factor".

For the records, here's an archive of Picture It!

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