Saturday, January 03, 2004

Derby FM Text Messages

The people of Derby seem to be getting confused with a Derby Radio Stations telephone number and mine. I have been getting texts for requests of songs, competetion entries and simple hellos for a few months now.

I've decided to list them all here and have our own competition. The competition here then is to guess the question on this radio station based on the answers I get.

2/11/04 15:27:46 ILOVE christmas
2/11/04 14:37:23 Love Derby
1/11/04 13:22:09 Love Christmas
1/11/04 10:34:54 Love christmas

Friday, January 02, 2004

The Kodak Factor

Some years ago me and a friend saw a gap in the market for Photo CDs from old printed photographs, slides or negatives. We created Picture It! Quite a nice site was created for back then, credit card payments, a PO Box number and we ran adverts in Amatuer Photographer.

We never got any orders! We had a few e-mail questions, which our made up customer service advisor Suzi answered (we figured a femail customer service adviser would always be able to diffuse any problems easiest and wow the potential customers?).

Still, we didn't loose a lot. We didnt acutally buy the kit to do the service. We'd be running off to Boots The Chemist and doing the first few at a loss before investing heavily in the kit. Remember back then CD writers cost hundreds of pounds.

6 Months later, Kodak dropped their prices to around the £5 price point and Picture It! was over. We fondly refer to this as the "Kodak Factor".

For the records, here's an archive of Picture It!